Evt ba190429
(bac evt . . . definite)
date: monday, 29 april 19
report: 1630
time: 1700-1800
need: 2c/2f/2d
dress: colonials
venue: Boston Convention Center/World Trade
directions: South Boston
contact: Priscilla
con_info: 7817797121
booking: royal entertainments
pay: $130 per
notes: Meet Priscilla at 4:45PM much closer to
  the World Trade Center at 40 World
  Trade Center Ave and then march back
  and forth between there and the
  Headhouse for the 30-45 minutes that
  the guests arrive. 40 WTC Ave is on the
  bridge to the WTC, 250 feet south of
  Northern Ave and 1000 feet from the
  Headhouse, the entrance to the WTC.